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7 tips for taking photos with your kids

We all want that "perfect portrait" with our family and children! I find that these few tips always help capture those amazing moments:

1. Make sure that everyone is well rested and full before the session. A good night's sleep can do wonder!

2. Get everything ready the day / night before! This will allow things to go smoothly on the photo day as you will not be running around to try to iron, match, find that missing sock, etc! (Feel free to bring the kids shirts / dresses and slip on when you arrive - reduces those last minute accidental spills down the front)

3. Get the kids excited! A strange photographer with gear and a camera can be a little scary to kids. I try my best to create a fun and friendly session, but if they are shy, the preparation might be helpful! Let them know that we will have fun and incentives for great behavior always works (let's face it, we have all been there!)

4. Bring a snack or two! If we need to take a break for some goldfish or carrot sticks, not a problem!

5.Leave the "CHEESE" at home! I will talk to your children to get genuine smiles that you will LOVE. The 1-2-3 look at the camera and say "CHEESE" gives us fake and uncomfortable looking smiles!

6. Get DAD excited!! This day is about you and the family to have fun and relax! Dads that are on-board and engage in the session make it easier for everyone. The kids will look to see how the parents are reacting to the session and will follow your lead. I work hard to create a fun session to capture the true personality of everyone in the family!

7. Relax and have fun! This is a time for you to let me worry about the stressful things and you get to just take my directions and enjoy your family! No laundry to fold, no floors to clean, no mess to clean up - just interacting with your family!

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